Pros and Cons of Free Subliminal MP3s

Over the last decade the threat of subliminal messages for personal improvement has gained a lot of popularity in the western world. Everywhere around the internet you may find stores that offer subliminal recordings, and many amongst them claim to really work wonders when it comes to self-improvement or fighting phobias. In order to convince you from the quality of their products some of these sites even offer free subliminal mp3s so that you can test whether they work for you or not. But what can you expect from these offers and how do you know what you get? If you want to know whether subliminal messages are for you, this short article may help you to make a better choice.

Can free subliminal MP3s serve your goals?

When you´re looking for subliminal tools, you´re most likely searching for something that assists you in achieving a certain goal. May it be improvement of skills or personal qualities, or perhaps overcoming fears or unwanted habits, you almost always have a specific goal in mind. But what you get as free subliminal mp3s are most likely titles like “Calm Down”, “Relax”, or “Excepting Other´s”. Now, obviously it´s quite possible to relax or calm down when listening to the sound of ocean waves, or some relaxing music, but what can tell you this about the effectiveness of the recording? And was this really what you´ve been looking for?

How do you know what you´re listening to?

What is Behind Subliminal MP3sSince it is their nature to be subliminal, means not audible to awareness, it´s almost impossible to notice what messages have been recorded, or if there are any messages at all. If you´ve got a completely silent subliminal audio, you could at least test it with a easy and free tool like “No.23 Recorder” to see whether there´s a message recorded or not. But when the subliminal messages got hidden within any kind of background noise even really expensive analyzing tools can´t help you much. And that´s just about if there´s something included and not about what… What if the only message included would be “Buy more of our CDs”?

So how can you put them to a test?

If you want to tackle an actual problem you certainly can´t make a test with some “Get Relaxed” recording. So, one way to see whether subliminals work for you will be to buy the MP3 that targets your goal. This doesn´t demand big spending since most subliminal audio come for prices around $ 15 and additionally offer 60-days money-back-guarantee. Although you still can´t be sure about the embedded messages, you can check out at least if it works for you.

Another option, and even smarter, would be to get yourself some software to produce your own subliminal audios. In this case you can be 100 % assure about the embedded messages and you can customize them exactly as needed. The recording process isn´t more complicated than burning a regular CD and allows you to mix any wanted affirmation with any kind of background. These programs regularly offer refunds too, so the risk of catching craps is quite limited.

Get free subliminal MP3s may sound good at first glance but when you´re after something real the “free” sadly means free of value most of the times.