How to Listen to Subliminal Audio Recordings best

As simple as it may seem, listening to a subliminal or other type of self-help recording involves more than just plug in and play. There are other aspects to the listening experience you should consider if you wish to optimize the effect the recording has. This post addresses and explains several overlooked important points of listening properly.

Whether you are creating subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal recordings for personal use or for others, the bottom line is that they are of no use unless they are listened to correctly and effectively. Even the highest quality recording will not achieve the targeted goal unless it is used and ideally in the best manner.

Assuming the recording you have created or obtained is designed and constructed appropriately, it will have specific characteristics, depending on what type of recording it is. You may already understand the differences between subliminal, supraliminal and paraliminal recordings. Because each type is unique, the best way to listen to them should also be unique.

How to Listen to a Subliminal Audio Recording


The principle with a subliminal recording is simple in that there is a message track presented at an almost inaudible level. This track is mixed with an additional sound track that masks the messages and is appealing to the ear. This type of recording is designed so that you can listen to it at anytime, because it does not require you to be able to relax. Ironically, it is better to listen to a subliminal recording in a relaxed setting. This is because there is less resistance to the messages from the subconscious mind when you are relaxed.

relaxed womanThis does not mean that you should not listen to it when driving or engaged in activities requiring your attention. It only implies that it can be more effective if your conscious defense mechanisms are lowered. Listen to a subliminal recording any time possible, but if you have a choice, then choose a time when there are fewer conscious distractions around you.

Another suggestion is that you use headphones to listen to the recording if possible. This is not because there are alternating stereo voices as in a paraliminal recording, but rather that using headphones focuses the message and sound track directly. This also has the advantage of reducing any external sounds from the environment around you. The volume at which you listen to a subliminal recording is also important and listening to any type of self-help recording should always be a pleasant experience. Set the volume of your playback device so that you can hear the masking track (ocean waves, for example), but not so loud in that they become irritating.

Equally important, listening at too low a volume may render the subliminal messages useless because they must be audibly perceptible, even if just barely noticeable. Adjust your volume to a level most comfortable for you by reducing it from a high point and moving downwards to a desirable setting. Lastly, if you have the option, select a masking sound track that is acceptable to you. For some, water sounds may induce more frequent bathroom visits, and other people may simply not find the sounds of insects very appealing.

How to Listen to a Supraliminal Audio Recording


As you are likely aware of, supraliminal recordings use message and sound tracks that are completely audible. In addition, they almost always contain initial relaxation message segments. They are designed to introduce a state of relaxation so that the messages that follow are more readily accepted by the subconscious mind. This assumes that when you choose to listen to them you are prepared to become relaxed. This point is sometimes forgotten and by this it is meant that you need to schedule a time to listen to the supraliminal recording. Even if you can only relax for a short time and perhaps only for 15 or 30 minutes, this is much more effective than listening to it when you are not able to relax.

You should also provide yourself with not just the time, but the environment in which to listen. Your preferences may involve a relaxing bath, lounging in a chair, or stretched out on a couch. As long as you are comfortable and can eliminate conscious distractions, your listening experience should be satisfying.

How to Listen to a Paraliminal Audio Recording


Paraliminal recordings can be highly effective but only if they are listened to in the correct way. As with a supraliminal recording, scheduling and preparing for a period of relaxation is important. But with a paraliminal recording, you should anticipate listening for an extended period of time, and perhaps several hours. Also, because a paraliminal recording incorporates multiple stereo tracks, messages are presented to both left and right channels. This may likely include brainwave tracks designed to induce an enhanced state of relaxation.

listen with headphones onUsing stereo headphones to listen to a paraliminal recording is not only suggested, but is required in order to achieve the best results. The embedded brainwave entrainment track presents tones of different frequency to each of the stereo channels and will have no effect unless both are audible at the same time. As with a supraliminal recording, you should provide yourself with a comfortable environment in which to relax while listening. Ideally, this should be at the time when you retire for sleep.

You should also ensure that the stereo headphones you use fit comfortably, deliver high-quality sound and will not slip off your head while you are sleeping. Obtaining a set of quality stereo headphones is an excellent investment if they can help you achieve the goal that you have chosen. Achieving the benefits of what a subliminal, supraliminal or paraliminal recording can offer is only the beginning of a listening experience that ends in your ears. And what messages are delivered to your ears is dependent on how you choose to embrace them. Ideally, in a manner that has the greatest effect.

So listen if you can, but choose to listen carefully.

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