Subliminal Brainwaves

Free Subliminal Software

Free Subliminal Software

Free Subliminal Software isn´t easy to find due to the much greater efford of developing compared to audio files. Yet another important aspect might be that audio producers can easily give away some sample of their many available titels while software developers simply just own this single piece of software :-(

Following is what I´ve found so far…

Text Flashing Free Subliminal Software

Subliminal Blaster 2.0

Subliminal Blaster is the only freeware software tool which allows you to harness the proven power of subliminal messages on your PC. Subliminal Blaster flashes messages on the screen to reprogram the mind at the subconscious level while your conscious mind works on other tasks, i.e browsing, working or playing.

MB Subliminal Message Software 1.35

MB Free Subliminal Message Software is an advanced subliminal message-displaying program. This software reaches out to the subconscious mind and sends positive affirmations to the mind, thus helping you develop a positive mindset. Subliminal messages also increase your self-confidence and self-esteem thus making your goals achievable. MB Free Subliminal Message Software aids in improving you focus on your goals and memory skills. This is also a method to relax, relieve stress, lose weight and fight phobias.

Additional Sources for Subliminal Software

Subliminal Software for Audio Recordings

Subliminal Studio

Create your own 100 % custom-made Subliminal Audio Recordings with this awesome Software. Mix the Subliminal Messages you want with the music you love. Or choose from more then 5 hours of ready-to-use meditation music and sounds of nature. This incredible package includes

:-) Over 3 hours of 100 % Royalty-Free Relaxation Music

:-) 2 ½ hours Sounds of Nature, Royalty-Free

:-) 20 PRE-Recorded Subliminal Scripts, professionally-recorded in MP3 format

:-) 2 ½ hours of expertly-created Binaural Beats, covering deep meditation, headache treatment, letting go of stress & more!

:-) A load of sought-after Subliminal Scripts that will allow you to create your own “silent subliminals” in Adobe Audition, INSTANTLY!

:-) A free Trial-Version of Adobe Audition

Armed with this Subliminal Software package you´re able to start INSTANTLY creating your own subliminals on each and every topic you like. This is really complete and professional… Check it out Here!

Subliminal Recorder 9.0

This is the software I personally started with (not really – I had the older 5.1 version :-( ) but I was really happy with this one…besides the fact that I´ve paid 300 bucks some years ago and today you can grab the newer and better version for less than half the price…but that´s life.

So what can you do with this software? About ANYTHING! You can

:-) Create your own, completely custom-made subliminal audio recordings and

:-) underlay every message (to improve yourself or to influence or seduce others 😉 ) under virtually any sound file you like.

:-) You can take meditation music, sounds of nature, classic music, pop, or even hard-rock if you like…

:-) Or you can produce completely silent subliminals to listen to while e.g. watching TV.

:-) You can play them on your home hi-fi system, your computer, or take them with you on your iPhone or MP3-player.

:-) You can record them as wav-files for best quality or as MP3 to save space.

:-) You get a built-in brainwave generator for Binaural Beats plus

:-) A built-in Audio-Editor with 14 effects e.g. echo, reverse, and more…

The software is really easy to use, even a kindergartner can handle this and you´ll be able to create your own subliminals in a flash. There are so many new features that come along with this nice subliminal software, you better check it out on their homepage yourself. Click here for complete description!

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