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Reprogram your subconscious mind with one of the many free subliminal mp3 files on this site. The subliminal messages are embedded in relaxing music or soothing sound of ocean waves, using positive suggestions to dissolve obstacles and change your life.


A Short Introduction

At the most basic level subliminal messaging is based on the principles of NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and basically looks at the type of language we use to speak to ourselves on a specific subject, recognizes the patterns, and then aims to change this language to match that used by someone who is successful in the area you wish to improve. NLP has several ways of changing your beliefs and patterns of thinking, but one of the main and most effective ways, and certainly the simplest, is through the use of positive affirmations, and this is exactly how subliminal messaging works.

The main benefit of using a subliminal audio album is that you can save time – you don’t have to stand at the mirror every morning and evening and say the affirmations yourself; it is a more effortless method – you can even play the album while you do other things; work, study, exercise, and yes, even subliminal sleep

learning is possible. To start making changes in your life right now check out our full range of subliminal mp3s. Here at Free Subliminal Hypnosis we have combined the power of subliminal messaging with smooth and relaxing music. And best of all: It’s completely free!¬†

If you want to know more about the theory behind feel free to check out the posts on this page. Or jump right into it and see if it’s working for you.

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Actual List of Free Subliminal Recordings

The list is growing all the time, so make sure to check back soon Wink

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Mental Impotence Healer

More Free Subliminal MP3s From Commercial Sites:

Some commercial sites give away recordings as freebies. Mostly they’re some kind of relaxing or so – nothing too specific. In most cases you’ll get your free recording for leaving your email address.

Charged Audio

Get 1 Free Subliminal CD plus free ebook “Keys To Successful Living”.¬†Shipping costs of $ 2.99 for the US.

Subliminal MP3s

3 Subliminal MP3 Recordings for free plus free ebook “The Truth About Subliminal Messaging” for signing-up the newsletter.


You’ll get 1 Subliminal Recording plus 1 guided meditation for signing-up the newsletter.


1 Subliminal MP3 is offered plus mini ecourse in subliminal messaging.

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